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Yes, now and then Bernhard uses cameras for other objects than stars. Mostly when traveling.

Travel to the US

seattle pano
A panorama of Seattle, WA. The images for this panorma were taken while being on a ferry from the Olypic Peninsula to Seattle. 
Joshua Tree National Park, CA. In the picture you see a lot of - you guessed it, Joshua Trees. The Guy with the white shirt is not one of them ;)
Sunset at Cactus Garden (Joshua Tree National Park, CA)
Ever wondered why they setting for a vampire story was Forks, WA? If so. look at
this image of the Pacific coast near Kalaloch, WA (some 35 miles south of Forks)
which was taken on a "sunny summer day". 
Mt. Rainier is a vulcano (currently not active) nearly 90 km away from Seattle. This 
image was taken while travelling on a ferry across Puget Sound to Seattle, just to
give you an impression of the distance we are looking at.

Trip to Istanbul, Turkey

The interior of Hagia Sophia. One of the most impressive buildings I've been in. 
hagia front
Now that's what I call solid engineering. 1500 years and still standing. Front of the Hagia Sophia
The Byzantines (that is,  Justinian in this specific case) really wanted to have
enough water, just in case. That's why they build this cistern, often called "Sunken
Palace" form some very obvious reasons.
chora kuppel
Some of the most beautiful frescoes can be seen at the Chora museum. .

Travel to Jordan

theater_ammanA roman amphitheather in Amman. Impressive from below, thrilling from the upper ranks.
Desert sunset at Wadi Rum. 
Oh no! Did I really have to do that shot? Of course! Evrybody going to Petra has to take a picture of the treasure house. This one is heavily photoshoped, as it is most unlikely to have no tourists cluttering your image
 View from Cherak castle

more Jordan images

Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle at night, as seen from Calton Hill 
 The National Galery on a foggy morning. Foggy and wet, that is.
  Morning in Princess Street Gardens
  Main Hall of the Scottish National Museum. This thing is plainly stunning. Come there to visit Dolly (u know, the sheep)
one of the first steam engines and locomotives. And more importantly, enjoy the building itself.
  View down the Royal mile from the roof of the Camera Obscura. You can see the towers of St. Giles and Tron Church as
well as the Firth of Forth and crowds during Fringe! 

An Evening in Nuremberg